Guffy's School
of Canine Manners

Daycare Play Prices

Short Play

Half Day

Full Day







Up to two hours               Up to six hours              Over 6 hours

Late Fee



We offer a 15 minute grace period until the rate goes up to the next play bracket at the end of the day we offer the same 15 minute grace, after which a $10.00 fee applies.
We close the daycare at 6pm weekdays and 5pm weekends. You must pick up no later than 30 minutes after closing to avoid overnight charges.

  1. WHO
    Guffy's School of Canine Manners is owned and operated by father-daughter duo Sherman and Kayla Guffy, and you're likely to notice other Guffy family members working among our pack as well! All of our staff are certified dog trainers, or dog trainers in training and have experience with all types of dogs - big and small!
  2. WHY
    Doggy daycare is a great experience for dogs! We love getting to provide a safe, fun environment for them to play and socialize; as well as helping them learn the skills to be a confident, well mannered pup! When you send your pup to Guffy’s School of Canine Manners they will be supervised by certified dog trainers and apprentices who will help them work on their good manners throughout their time with us!​
  3. WHEN
    Our hours are 6:00am - 6:00pm Monday through Friday and 7:00am - 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday We are open most days of the year, and will provide notice ahead of time if a there is a closed day.
    There are many reasons to send your doggy to daycare! One of the most beneficial is socialization. Social dogs are more confident and will be more relaxed in new and exciting situations; they will know how to act when they meet a new dog on a walk, or when visiting friends. When your dog is at daycare they get to play as much as they want, in a safe and supervised environment; which means you get to take home a tired, happy pup (not to mention well exercised)! Daycare is also a great place for you dog to be while you are out of the house, eliminating the risk of destructive boredom driven tendencies.